Today, we are pleased to launch our second network survey – Conservatives in Communications (CiC) Census 2021 – and invite all supporters to participate! This is your once-a-year opportunity to provide feedback, so we can better serve you and add more value going forward. 

With many thanks to Hanover Communications for sponsoring and to POLITICO London Influence for agreeing to publish the final results. 


We are, first and foremost, a networking group. We understand the importance of creating and maintaining industry relationships. So, it’s been difficult not having had the opportunities to meet in-person for more than 12 months. Hopefully that will change soon as the restrictions ease-up. We’re actively planning for our Conservative Party Conference and House of Commons receptions in the autumn.

Despite this, we’ve kept the show on the road and hopefully presented like-minded individuals with the chance to share and benefit from each others’ knowledge and opportunities, including jobs.

Please do take a moment to review what we consider to have been our top 10 achievements during this period:

  • Grown the network to 735 professionals – up 84% from 400 
  • Doubled the number of industry patrons, while ensuring that 50% of them are women
  • Increased the number of parliamentary patrons to 45 – up 137% from 19
  • Partnered with organisations, including: Conservative Young Women, Digital Tories, Women2Win and Women in PA
  • Launched our CiC-Start mentoring scheme, which paired up 20 mentees with 20 mentors. 100% of feedback respondents would encourage others to get involved and 94% said it was a worthwhile experience. We have continued this in 2021 with another 40 participants, bringing the total to 80 supporters
  • Organised and invited you to two careers-focused online events, aimed at those exploring becoming a councillor and our younger base who are kick-starting their careers in communications 
  • Published and promoted 69 blog posts – from the team and our supporters – up 288% from 24 
  • Circulated regular e-newsletters and re-branded them as ‘In Con-Versation’, where we’ve promoted jobs, jobs, jobs at every single opportunity
  • Introduced our donation option, raising several hundred pounds. This means we remain firmly in the black 
  • Grown our social community on LinkedIn (to 738) and Twitter (to 1,502). Remember to follow us for updates in between our bulletins!

This survey should take you no longer than five minutes to complete and is completely anonymous – we will not know who’s provided which answers. Deadline: Wednesday, May 5. 

Thank you in advance.

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