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Elliot is the Member of Parliament for Carshalton and Wallington. He was elected for the first time in December 2019 and has a majority of 629. Elliot is a Member of the Petitions Committee, Consolidation Bills (Joint Committee) and Women and Equalities Committee. His relevance to Conservatives in Communications is that he worked as a Public Affairs Officer for the NHS South West London Health and Care Partnership.



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What national/ London news do you access?  

  • Broadcast: BBC, ITV and Sky.
  • Radio: LBC.
  • Papers: Daily Express, Daily Mail, Evening Standard, The Daily Telegraph, The Sun and The Times.
  • Magazines: The House Magazine and The Spectator.
  • Blogs: ConservativeHome and Guido Fawkes.

Which social media channels do you use, never use, and want to use?  

I use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn fairly regularly.

What areas of public policy are you interested in?   

Health and social care, the environment, transport, equalities and diversity.

What sectors and issues are most important to your constituency? 

Health and social care are very important to my constituency, being home to St Helier Hospital. Having secured £500 million to refurbish the hospital and to build another brand new hospital in the area to provide acute services like A&E, I am very pleased to have secured an early victory for my constituents. However, equally important, especially under the cloud of Covid-19, is to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in the area, support the local economy, improve public transport, protect the local environment and build the school places that my constituency desperately needs.

Which local cause(s) are you supporting that need more help?  

As a passionate defender of the natural environment, I would love to see more being done in my constituency to bring about solutions to tackle air pollution and waste for example, whether that be trialling deposit return schemes, new carbon capture methods or improving our public transport offer – we can make our borough a cleaner place to live.

One piece of advice for anyone aspiring to get into politics.  

I would say above all else work hard at everything you do – if you’re going to do something, do it properly!

How do we get more women and BAME people involved in The Conservative Party?  

We must be proud in our achievements and loud about our commitments to tackling issues that women and the BAME community care passionately about, but we also need to engage with every corner and every community of our country. By demonstrating that we are listening and taking action, we can demonstrate that we are truly a one nation party in every sense of the word.

What would you like to have achieved four/ five years from now?  

For me, this Parliamentary term is about knuckling down and working hard for my constituency, striving to achieve the improvements I set out in my plan as I became the new MP. So, as well as the new hospital, I would like to have achieved more local school places, new and improved rail and bus links, kept inappropriate developments off our parks and open spaces, worked with the police to bring down levels of crime and bring businesses together through new partnerships to secure funding to improve our town centres.