Aisha Cuthbert was elected as a Bromley Councillor, representing the Shortlands ward, in 2018, and is currently Executive Support Assistant to the Leader of the Council. During the day she’s Head of Communications at a London-based G15 housing association. Aisha is a Board Member of Mytime Active and a Trustee of The Langley Park Multi Academy Trust. She is a passionate advocate of women in both business and politics and was one of the founders of Conservative Young Women. In 2019, Aisha stood as the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for the unwinnable seat of Lewisham West & Penge and I hope that hasn’t deterred, rather encouraged, her to try elsewhere in 2024. She’s married to Neil and they have a two-year old, the lovely Ethan. Of course, Aisha is Deputy Director of Tories in Comms.

Oliver Cooper is the Leader of the Opposition on Camden Council and has been a Conservative councillor for Hampstead Town since 2015. During the day, he’s Head of Policy at the London office of an international law firm, specialising in trade and tax policy and representing clients around the globe. Oli is a Board Member of Tories for Climate Action and is very active on Twitter! He has degrees in both economics and law and is also currently completing a Masters in International Law.

Sarah Wardle was elected as a Barnet Councillor, representing the Edgware ward, in 2018, and is Vice-Chairman of the Housing & Growth Committee. During the day she works in communications and public affairs for clients in the housing, planning and infrastructure space at an award-winning UK consultancy. Sarah joined the Party in 2009 in Sunderland, so was a Northern Tory before it was cool to be one (!), and, like Aisha, is involved with various community trusts and partnership boards. She read politics in Adam’s part of the world, beautiful East Yorkshire.