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Alex is the Member of Parliament for Rother Valley. He was elected for the first time in December 2019 and has a majority of 6,318. Alex is a Member of the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee. His relevance to Conservatives in Communications is that he worked in various public affairs roles at MHP Communications, FleishmanHillard, Instinctif Partners, WWF-UK and Shell.



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What national/ London news do you access?  

  • Broadcast: Sky.
  • Radio: LBC, Talk Radio and Times Radio.  
  • Papers: Daily Mail, Evening Standard, Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian/ Observer, The Independent and The Times.
  • Magazines: New Statesman, The Economist and The Spectator.
  • Blogs: Bruges Group, ConservativeHome and Guido Fawkes.

Which social media channels do you use, never use, and want to use?  

  • Use: Facebook and Twitter.
  • Never use: LinkedIn.
  • Want to use: Instagram.

What areas of public policy are you interested in?   

The three ‘E’s: education, EU withdrawal and the environment.  

What sectors and issues are most important to your constituency? 

Levelling-up and job creation are very important to my constituents in Rother Valley. Industrial heritage sites in the north, including Rother Valley, have not seen the benefits of economic growth for a long time.  

More needs to be done to level-up these left behind areas and that is why I am campaigning for more infrastructure projects in the North of England to boost our growth and productivity.  

Which local cause(s) are you supporting that need more help?  

As a member of the Conservative Environment Network and having worked for both Shell and the WWF before entering politics, I am an ardent defender of the environment.  

That is why I am using my platform to champion local causes to protect our green belt. I am pleased to have secured an early victory for the anti-fracking movement in my constituency and to have been given government assurance that fracking will not go ahead in Rother Valley. However, there is more work to be done.  

Due to the coronavirus, existing inequalities between areas in the north and south have been exacerbated. That is why boosting the local economy is another one of my top priorities and I will continue this work over the next four years.  

One piece of advice for anyone aspiring to get into politics.  

I would say speak only as much as you listen and don’t shy away from the hard work!

How do we get more women and BAME people involved in The Conservative Party?  

There are now more women and BAME members of parliament than ever before. We must be proud of this achievement, though I recognise there is more work to be done.  

I think the Conservative Women’s Organisation (CWO) and Women2Win do an incredible job of cultivating diverse female talent. I am confident that they are the reason for our rapidly rising number of women in the Conservative Party itself, as well as on our benches.  

When it comes to diversifying our party, only by demonstrating that we are listening and evolving, can we prove ourselves to be a party for all people.  

What would you like to have achieved four/ five years from now?  

By the end of this Parliamentary term, I would like to have improved the quality of life for the people in my constituency of Rother Valley. From preserving our green belt and boosting the local economy to raising schools’ standards and improving local transport facilities, there is much to be done over the next four years.

On a national level, I would like to have contributed to policies relating to national decarbonisation, so that the UK reaches its legally binding target of Net Zero by 2050.